Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sign sign everywhere a sign

So...two brief instances of all that is lost in translation. The first is completely serious and the second is completely comical.

First, is the wheelchair sign that we came across on the sidewalks surrounding Las Obras, located approximately every meter or so. These signs are "place holders" to communicate that these pieces of sidewalks are reserved for individuals that are in wheelchairs. So if a volunteer wants to take a patient out for a sunbathing session, these spots are ready and waiting - although we did not get to see or participate in this event today, it sounds like a lovely idea - a corporate sunbathing session for individuals who may not necessarily be ones that you associate with that idea.

Second, is the Star Wars reference. On our walk home from the clinic, we came across this advertisement which stated, "Lucke, I'm your Father." At least they got the gist of the message...however, it doesn't really correlate to the advertisement that is selling internet, movie, and music eqiupment...maybe we're missing something?

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