Friday, March 5, 2010

Guatemala or bust

We all arrived safely in beautiful Antigua today. Two lucky students got business class on the way over and enjoyed lunch with cake, wine and HBO. After a 45 min bus ride we arrived at our ultimate destination, Antigua, Guatemala. Our housing is amazing, two villas set among a cobble stone garden. Each villa has an accessible rooftop terrace that overlooks the city. Our main man, Francisco, aka the lovely gentleman who controls the gate, welcomed us...and our adventure began...

...we've already met up with speech language therapy students at Cafe Sky, a rooftop restaurant with views on Fuego and Agua, (volcanos) "Fire" and "Water." We relaxed admist other travelers and locals, soaking in the sun and the warm breezes. After enjoying a typical Guatemalan dinner (black beans, rice, guacomole, salsa, tortillas), we braved the local supermarket...who knew Doritos could be more expensive than the dinner we had tonight? Or that it takes more than one PT student to figure out the conversion rate from dollars to quetzales?

But we were able to purchase plenty of fresh fruit and water...and we are anxious for the days to come.

Teaser for tomorrow: The best part of waking up...might just be roasting marshmallows over lava...stay tuned for details.

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