Thursday, May 3, 2012

¡Adios Amigos!

Thank you so very much for your support of the 2012 UNC PT Outreach service learning trip to Guatemala! We have been on an amazing adventure full of life lessons and experiences we will remember forever! Over the course of our eight day trip our team provided seven educational presentations to the therapists of Las Obras, educators and families of Ensename a Pescar, and the health care providers and patients of Clinicas Medicas San Jose. Forty pairs of shoes were donated to the rural health clinic Clinicas Medicas San Jose. And heaping piles of notebooks, pencils, Spanish language workbooks, flashcards, crayons, and even more school supplies were donated to Ensename a Pescar, the school for children with disabilities. The UNC PT Outreach team gained a rich appreciation of the Guatemalan culture on a community tour of homes, a trip to visit local farms, eating traditional Guatemalan foods, shopping in the local markets, and through our communication with the local Guatemalan people. We greatly appreciate all that you have done to support this trip and learning experience!  We hope that you will be inspired to reach out to help in your own community or consider supporting the 2013 UNC PT Outreach Trip!

Until next year, adios amigos!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hola family and friends.  Our last day Guatemala was an awesome experience.  It began with treatment of pediatric patients.  The student were split into 4 groups and worked with patients with various complexities.

Following that experience, there was a break where students sought to pick up last minute souvenirs and gifts for themselves and loved ones.  The group reconvened at 2 o'clock and prepared for a fun-filled day at the Central Square with selected patients.  Patients from the pediatric, young adult, and geriatric sections were gathered and escorted to the Central Square.  Upon arrival, the patients were given icecream and entertained with song and dance by the Outreach team.  Some patients even joined in during the "Hokie Pokie" dance!

The Central Square was full of excitement with a Guatemalan "clown" performing various acts and tricks.  The patients grinned from ear to ear during the performance and seemed very grateful for the experience.  The social outing finished with a trip to the local church.  Goodbyes were tough for both the patients and the Outreach team.  The impact on the patients' spirits were evident, but the even bigger impact was the one they made on us.  We all leave Guatemala in high spirits and hopeful that our trip was meaningful!