Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Guatemalan time, or G-time as we have affectionately nicknamed it, is when Guatemalans get to it...in other words, waiting is part of everyday life here, it is part of the culture. Of course, given that "being on time" is a part of the American culture, it was an adjustment. On our first day at Las Obras, we had understood to arrive at 7am. So we did. And upon checking at the receptionist, we were informed that the volunteer coordinator does not arrive until 8 or 830am :)

And thankfully, by this point in the trip, the group had adjusted to G-time and went with it...we all went for a walk turning this way or that way, exploring a different part of Antigua and stumbling upon neat architecture and refueling on coffee. Life is a little slower here...and it's good.

Note: the above "actors" were not paid for their work :)

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