Saturday, March 6, 2010

'Cause waking up is hard to do...

...unless it's accompanied by a steaming hot cup of fresh Guatemalan coffee.

And when we say "fresh" we literally mean just picked-sorted-dehusked-dried-roasted kind of can't get that at Starbucks :)

Today, our group met with the the speech language students once again to tour a Guatemalan farm, As Green As It Gets. Alberto was a 40-something Guatemalan who, through this non-profit organization, has been able to garner financial support to buy several acres of land to grow, harvest, and cultivate his own coffee to export to the United States (okay, so if you leave in Minnesota or Seattle, you can get "fresh" coffee.) He toured us through his land, explaining the growing process of coffee - did you know it takes approximately 4-5 years of growing before the ceresas or berries are ready to be picked? After that, the harvest occurs, and then a lengthy process of dehusking and drying the almendres or "almonds" (aka, green coffee bean). After several days of drying in the sun (and being mixed - by hand - every sun-filled hour), the beans are run through a different machine where the outer coat is removed to resemble what we know as the coffee bean, pre-roasted stage. Next, As Green As It Gets employs women from the neighborhood to help with the sorting process to only select the best looking almonds. Finally, the almonds are roasted, packaged, and sold.

Alberto and his sweet family made fresh coffee for us as the ultimate cherry to this already delicious morning...ahhh...I think we'll be just fine waking up in Guatemala for the days to come. And for those of you reading...thanks! If you're good, you just might be waking up to a fresh cup of Guatemalan coffee really soon :)

P.S. Pictures to come later tonight...we're off to part two of yesterday's teaser...marshmallows roasting on an open fire...


  1. Hey all. It's Jason, Kimberly's fiancee. I hope y'all are having a great time and enjoying the awesome Guatemalan weather. We're all getting ready for the Duke game, back here in Chapel Thrill. Be safe and know that all of us back home appreciate all that you guys are doing for the folks in Central America. Take care and have fun. Go Heels!

    Kimberly - I miss you!

    ~Jason Jutovsky

  2. This is from Denise and Frank, Kimberly's mom and dad. We've been very interested in keeping up with what's going with you'all. So glad there is a blog...great idea! We're getting an education reading the daily posts, and look forward to them. Hope the week ahead is great! Enjoy!

    Kimberly - we miss you as well, and so does Buffer. Love you!

    Denise and Frank Craig

  3. Hey Everyone! It looks beautiful, I hope you're all having a great time! I'm experiencing pangs of Guatemala envy :). Please bring back some of that great coffee. We're off to Alligator in the morning. Hoping it's half as nice as where you are (OK, I'd settle for one-fourth.

  4. So great to hear from all of you - we'll let Kim know her family is sending out shouts of love.

    And Carol - we're excited to hear about Alligator! Have a great time...and coffee is on its way :)

  5. I love the blog! Keep the stories coming ... sending my love to Ryan xox

  6. One more thing for Jason, Denise, and Frank - ask Kim about her huge accomplishment yesterday - you'll be very proud!

  7. Kimberly - are you the one who conquered her fear of heights? I thought about you when I read the post this morning. If not this, then I'm very curious. Glad you decided to go to the volcano. Please let me know.

    Love, Mom

  8. Hello to Denise, Frank and Jason,
    This is Kimberly! I am having a great time and hoping you all are doing well back in North Carolina. I saw the bad outcome of the UNC/Duke game and I am kind of glad I wasn't there to watch it. I did conquer my fear of heights not once but twice in the past two days. I did hike the Volcano and I went Zip-lining today through the rainforest of Atitlan. It has been a great experience so far! We start our first day of work tomorrow! Love you all and miss you!