Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Real or fake?

After our introduction to G-time, we ventured outside to explore the neighborhood surrounding Las Obras. These sights (both human and non) surrounded the hospital...given the early hour, we were not able to go inside yet, so we have limited information on the significance of these structures. But we hope to explore these more fully during a lunch break later this week and will hopefully have more details to share then...

...also, you'll note the puff of white smoke coming out of a volcano situated behind the hospital...one of our members, who shall remain nameless :) saw this and due to the awe of its sheer mystique, its exquisite formation, and its stillness, exclaimed, "It is for real or for fake?" So you tell us - is it real or fake?

And if you've been reading this blog, perhaps you'll think "guat-ever." But regardless, we hope that you have enjoyed reading about our journey here...and we hope that you'll continue to tune in throughout the week...we'll soon be sharing about pouring concrete and building homes...they call us physical therapists, you know? :)