Friday, April 27, 2012

Today we started out by returning to Las Obras hospital. Amanda, Leigh, and Katherine worked in the nursery, Sam had the opportunity to work with orthepedics, while Derrick, Aisha, Nikki, and Christina worked with the young adults. The morning went by fast and this afternoon both Derrick and Aisha gave their presentations. Derrick went first showing his presentation on low back pain prevention with the staff. Aisha led the way next with her presentation on a diabetes foot ulcer risk examination tool. After the presentations were carried out, Aisha led a lab session next to have the therapists practice the administration of the tool. Lunch was then provided by the UNC group for all the therapy staff at Las Obras to wind down the morning and to say thank you. Later in the afternoon Derrick, Lisa, and Aisha traveled to the clinic in Pastores to once again present their materials to the staff there. The staff at Pastores was very welcoming to the group as we brought them toothpaste, tooth brushes, and other supplies for the clinic. Both groups were very excited about the presentations and expressed their interests. The day was finished with shopping in the artisan market were the students purchased gifts for loved ones.

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