Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hola from Guatemala! Today our group enjoyed some much needed down time. The day started early for Lisa, Katie, Katherine, Sam, Leigh, and Amanda when they were picked up at 7am by Hugo the tour guide to spend the day at the beach. The group enjoyed the drive and learned that cashews came from a fruit when stopping at a roadside produce stand (we now have a better understanding of why a small bag is so expensive considering that each fruit only produces one cashew). After arriving at the beach they enjoyed a relaxing day in the ocean and lounging in the black sand and hammocks. At lunch a few of the girls were even brave enough to order a whole fish (eyes, teeth, and all).

While one group was enjoying time at the beach Aisha, Christina, Nikki, and Derrick decided to spend the day exploring the areas surrounding Antigua. They visited the Mayan Ruins located about an hour and a half outside the city. They really enjoyed touring the beautiful ancient city, and then returned home to do some shopping at the local market. The night ended with a dinner and wine on the roof, and a fun game night! We are all looking forward to another fun day at the hospital tomorrow morning, and the local school in the afternoon.

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