Thursday, April 26, 2012

2nd clinical day

Our day began at Las Obras this morning. We started a bit earlier with one group in the orthopedics section and another in the nursery. Later in the morning, we covered other areas such pediatrics, geriatrics and young adults. Our day was cut short at Las Obras because we visited a different area in the afternoon. In the afternoon, we took a 20 minute trip outside of Antigua to a rural town called Alotenango. Our journey to this town began at a school called “Ensename a Pescar”, founded in 2010 to fulfill the needs of the community to educate children with disabilities. We took a tour of the classrooms and saw the smiling faces of the children as well as learned a bit from their teachers. We continued by doing a community tour and visited 3 different homes. This was an eye-opening tour that allowed us to understand the daily lives of these individuals. These families welcomed us openly into their home and shared with us some aspects of their lives. The day ended with a brief meeting with us reflecting on our experiences for the day.
Stay tune for tomorrow, we will have 2 students presenting their capstone projects in Las Obras and a clinic in Pastores.

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