Friday, May 3, 2013

After an incredible weekend of expeditions, the group jumped right back in to offering Antigua and the surrounding communities everything we could from PT services, to education, to in-services, to sometimes just a smile and helping hand when needed.  Some members of our team went to the Spanish School in the morning while others ventured back to Las Obras to work with patients and continue to collaborate with the Guatemalan staff.  The patients and other therapists continue to inspire and amaze us and we hope we are teaching them as much as they are teaching us!

After working with patients or on perfecting our spanish for a few hours, everyone (including our Guatemalan therapist friends) met up at Las Obras for lunch, an applicable inservice on managing depression in care facilities by Carly, and a great wound management presentation by Michelle and Tara.  We had a great lunch with delicious cakes to celebrate the ending of our time together!

In the afternoon, our group split up again with some people remaining at Las Obras to treat patients while others went to the nearby town of Pastores to present a health fair to this community.  Stations were similar to those that were presented at the health fair on Friday in Alotenango.  However, this time we were very fortunate to have a physician on site so that those individuals who were determined to have high blood pressure from our screenings could be referred to this physician and receive direct medical management!  We also had the opportunity to present the community with some charitable donations that we had brought from the US!

It was a such a great day and the community, patients, and staff have all been so welcoming and appreciative.  This trip has flown by but luckily we still have one more day in this beautiful country!

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