Sunday, April 28, 2013

 ¡Buenos días!

Today we woke up bright and early to climb one of 34 volcanos (4 active), called Pacaya. This is an active volcano and it's last devastating eruption was in 2010. The hike took about two hours and the scenery was breathtaking! When we reached the top, our guide Hugo made us sandwiches that were toasted over hot spots on the volcano. We also had a lot of fresh fruit including the BEST mango we've ever had!

When we began to head back down Pacaya, Hugo encouraged us to "ski" down the slopes. These were extremely steep but incredibly fun! After skiing down each section, we had to empty our shoes that were full of rocks. By the end of the hike we were all amazed at what we had accomplished!

In the afternoon, about half of us continued to the coffee farm called "As Green As It Gets." We began by walking out to the fields where they grow the coffee with two of the farmers and one translator. We learned there were four types of coffee plants that they grew there. We picked the berries off of the coffee plants that had the beans inside and tasted them too. Then we headed the farmer's house where they showed us how to pit the berries, roast, and grind the beans. Afterwards, we enjoyed a fresh cup of coffee that we made- which was the most flavorful cup of coffee we've tasted. They were all very welcoming and friendly, and we were grateful to have learned so much about what it takes to produce coffee.

¡Hasta pronto!

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