Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sustainable Service

Yesterday’s presentation on aquatic therapy kicked off a series of educational programming for the Guatemalan health care professionals. Today, several members of our group presented evidence-based lectures on various topics including management of low back pain and pediatric handling techniques. These presentations included a laboratory component in addition to the didactic portion. Numerous Guatemalan physical therapists, physical therapy students, physicians, nurses and support staff attended. All of the sessions were well received by all of those present with interactive discussions and demonstrations.

The educational sessions presented this week are designed to foster change that lasts beyond our service time here in Guatemala. Our hope is that we create sustainable change in the way Guatemalan therapists practice and the way patients are managed and treated. Physical therapy is a lifelong profession that requires constant learning and adaptation of one’s skill set. This is accepted as standard practice in the United States; however, is less common in developing nations such as Guatemala. Therefore, we are extremely grateful for this experience and the opportunity to instill the value of continuing education in Guatemala.

Over the course of the last week, collaborative learning has been ongoing. Our team has learned just as much as we have shared, if not more. Collectively, we have all grown culturally, professionally and personally. This experience, will no doubt, change the way we practice. Our perceptions have been challenged and we have heightened our awareness of cultural diversity. In addition, daily, we are testing the boundaries of our previous knowledge and experience.

Thanks again for following our trip!

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